Endurance Team

Off Road Pursuits was formed for a multitude of reasons and a big one was to ensure that as the trail running community grows, it does so with the right influences. With this in mind, I’ve created the “Off Road Pursuits Endurance Team”.

The Off Road Pursuits Endurance Team is comprised of hand-selected members that reflect what being a well-rounded endurance athlete is all about. These are people that strive to put their best self forward through endurance sports and more importantly in their every day life. Rather than people that are out there simply to check things off their bucket list, these people make it a mission to pursue their own path in life through off-road adventure. They are passionate about the outdoors and inspire others to take a vested interest through their words, actions, and personality.

Over the coming months and years I look forward to building the impact of Off Road Pursuits in the community through this team of amazing people and athletes.



Meet the Crew

Dhein_20121202_467M_v2_10Carlyn enjoys challenges of all degrees and is a “what’s next?” type of person.   Running is a passion, especially off-road running in amazing outdoor arenas.  Besides taking up the sport to pick up dudes, Carlyn believes that pushing limits develops a better sense of self.  Ultra running is very humbling. A strong inner fight is needed to overcome numerous barriers throughout the journey.  Winning those battles makes the sport appealing…as well as meeting a hot guy along the way.

Outside the ultra marathon scene, Carlyn’s participated in more known events such as the Xterra Trail Race Series, the Boston Marathon and Ironman triathlons. While each accomplishment is very fulfilling in its own regard, she’s personally found the most enjoyment in conquering the off-road long distance stuff.

Previous ultra events and challenges have included: Tahoe Rim Trail (Lake Tahoe), Bear Chase Ultra (Denver), Nanny Goat 12 Hour Challenge (Riverside), Tarawera Ultra (Rotorua, New Zealand), Joshua Tree Traverse (CA), and the Grand Canyon R2R2R Challenge (AZ).  Future event goals include: Western States 100, Leadville, Antarctica 100k, and the Transalpine Run.

Mixing travel with outdoor activities makes Carlyn one happy camper. She enjoys being a participant in nature, rather than a spectator.  With respect to future off-road challenges, Zion, Patagonia, India and Greenland are all places of interest.

What does she love? Awesome trips, awesome running, awesome people. Keep tabs on what Carlyn is up to at http://carlynpeterson.com/.

Dhein_20121202_463Mv2_10Carrie Jesse has over 20 years of swimming experience. However, she also takes her sea legs to land and has been competing in marathons and triathlons since 2001. When she’s not in the water, you’ll find Carrie running on local San Diego trails. Her favorite trail races (so far) have been the Catalina Marathon and the Pikes Peak Marathon. Carrie complements her endurance training with functional strength training/CrossFit-style workouts; she probably hates burpees as much as you do. A true endurance athletes, Carrie considers a 10 mile solo swim in La Jolla Cove (10 one-mile loops) her greatest athletic accomplishment, and she dreams about swimming even further, across some of our nation’s most beautiful waterways. Carrie also coaches endurance athletes in San Diego, CA. For more information on coaching, please visit www.carriejessecoaching.com.

Dhein_20121202_527_m_10Dax is pushing 40, or, depending on how often this is updated, has already turned 40 and is in the midst of transitioning from being serious to just enjoying the trails. He likes to run…a lot. Dax has three amazing kids and an awesome wife who watches the kids as he accumulates miles and races. She runs, too.

Dax used to love to surf, but he doesn’t have much time for that anymore (see above). He used to be pretty serious about martial arts, but he also doesn’t have time for that anymore either. Basically he has time for one extracurricular activity, which happens to be trail running. That, and growing beards.

Dax enjoys sharing running with others, reading about running and writing about running at www.dirtyrunning.com. From reading this, you may think that he is one dimensional, but you would be mistaken…he likes to jog, too.

Dax’s favorite places to run are in the National Parks, particularly on the trails of Zion, Grand Canyon, and Joshua Tree. Dax is looking forward to an eventful 2013. He is currently obsessed with a traverse of the John Muir Trail, and he would also like to take another crack at a 100 Miler.

Dhein_20121202_538_m_10Ever met an ultra-marathoner who doesn’t like running? Well, now you have. Jess loves pushing himself physically and mentally, spending time with great people, and covering huge distances in the back country — ultra-running happens to be a great way to accomplish those things. Jess has been running ultras for about three years, and has completed several races, including Blue Canyon Trail 50K, Cuyamaca Three Peaks 50K, and the Canadian Death Race, as well as several ultra-distance “fun runs”, such as the Grand Canyon R2R2R and the Joshua Tree Traverse. Jess is looking forward to running the 211-mile John Muir Trail in seven days next summer, as well as whatever other silly adventures come his way. You can follow Jess at vodkaredbull.posterous.com.

Dhein_20121202_515_M_10Toby Guillette is an ultra-endurance athlete, outdoor-adventure blogger and social media expert based in San Diego, California.

Toby is a two-time 100-mile ultra marathon finisher, with a sub-22 hour finish at the VT100 in 2009. He is Wilderness Advanced First Aid certified, has mountaineering and high alpine rock climbing ascents in the Sierra Nevada, including technical multi-pitch climbs on Mt. Russell (14,088’) and Mt. Whitney (14,497’) plus a 30-mile car-to-car ascent of Mt. Williamson (14,375’).

Toby is also an expert on gear, having worked at REI and written product and race reviews for active.com and his website, www.enduranceguy.com

He is inspired by big linkups, pioneering new routes and traverses, like the JTREE Traverse, and has an uncanny ability to get his friends and teammates stoked on whatever new adventure he is planning, because they know it’s always epic!



Paul grew up playing soccer, but then found his passion for endurance sports when he moved to San Diego after college. He added swimming and biking to the mix and upon completing his first triathlon in 2006, Paul became instantly hooked on endurance events. He set his sights on pushing to see how far his body could go before giving out. A year after his first triathlon came his first Ironman, and the quest continued to seek out more difficult challenges to reach new limits.

Paul quickly learned that while running wasn’t his favorite activity, running on trails was. The serenity that comes with being removed from everything except the most basic elements of nature stokes his passion for trail running. The unique trail environment allows him to see and discover inspiration in a short period of time.

After a few years of cubicle life, Paul found his way to the running industry. Today, Paul lives his passion by putting on events so that he can share his love of the trails, nature, and the community with others in hopes of building a more responsible and passionate trail running family.

You can follow Paul and the Off Road Pursuits adventures on the Off Road Pursuits Blog.